Our goal is the development and production of the cultivation equipment suitable for the higher level of soil management.

It could be saved money, time and costs, save the humidity and what is the most important,  realising  the production more safely.  This condition serves to profit orieted management and guaranties the best from the view of the soil.

Let’s start with the tillage basics…

The most important asset of the agricultural production is the soil. The state of the soil determines other factors of the cultivation. The FRALAZ subsoilers help us to create good soil structure.

FRALAZ subsoiler

The smaller version of the FRALAZ is ECOLAZ, professional subsoiler for 80-140 HP tractors. Simple settings and reliability in max 450 mm working depth.

ECOLAZ subsoiler (90-130 LE)

Regulated seedbed preparation with FRAKOMB kompaktors

The most succesfull products of the factory are FRAKOMB kompaktors. Using this machine could be prepared a seedbed with uniform depth in the whole working width.

FRAKOMB 8000 kompaktor

The mounted machine versions of FRAKOMB with smallest weights could be used for the tractors with less HP.

FRAKOMB 3000 mounted

FRADISC V offset disc harrows and FRADISC X tandem disc harrows, developed according the farmers requirements

Because of their versatility have been using almost in all agricultural company.  They were both product family types developed according the same point of views.


The weight of the blades is 95 kg/blade at the tandem disc harrows, and 135 kg at the offset disc harrows.

The hydraulic front rear gang angle setting, hydraulic length-horizontal setting, the right blade spacing and diameter serv all the demand of agronomy.


CONDISC, disc harrow combined with subsoiling function

Conditioning could be done in one pass loosening of the deep layers, cutting-mixing of the top soil layer and finishing the operation by good consolidation by rear roll.

KREATOR for seedbed preparation

Flatframe machine without roll is suitable for cultivating wetter soil. It consists from the following sections: hydraulic adjustable front levelling bar, 5 rows combinator tines, hydraulic adjustable rear  levelling bar, rear following harrow, with adjustable angle and depth